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Design and build a style of cooking and outdoor entertainment that suits the family. Plan to install a larger grille, for example, if many people are served in the outdoor kitchen. Keep your kitchen easier to use, if only for the immediate family. Assemble all the components to withstand wind, rain, corrosion and wear too. Invest in a stainless steel structure and stability framework in the lay-out added. Remember, you should be aware of all aspects of fire in the kitchen as possible.

Some steps to build outdoor kitchen

Prefab Outdoor Kitchen Kits

    1. Create base keep the terrace or in the kitchen. Install a concrete patio pouring concrete six inches per box with 2-by-6 planks built. Add to add metal trellis frame box to pour the concrete for strength. Let them dry for a few days. Add the porcelain ceramic tiles on concrete for a look of luxury depend on the budget that you have.
    2. Use graph paper to design the layout. Add a stove, refrigerator, sink, cabinets and work space to a minimum. Consider a fireplace in the room, as space permits. In preparing the design on paper, you need to consult an electrician electrical. Find a way out of the house or garage, which is carried out for electrical wiring running around. Hide the wires running to the back wall of a house under the ground or on the periphery of one side patio.
    3. Secure the metal frame in stainless steel quad core, expected and kitchen cabinets. Screw the context of the masonry base before starting to circle. Use stones or rock veneer enclose the ends of the room. Install devices along the route and construction of enclosures with door.

Outdoor Kitchen BBQ

  1. Create a fire resistant work surface with heavy metal plates or tiles. To keep the design elements of cooking in the oven or grill, so there is not enough depth for the counter. Install timers which not less than 30 cm deep. Place a sink in the sink for washing vegetables. Make a water rinse with a hose and attachments, unless the budget for large-scale sanitary.
  2. Paint all cabinets in the exterior of the housing to be mixed. Do not make the kitchen stand out, because it affects the beauty of the house. Use pale gray, for example, to mix and strips with stainless appliances. Consider using wood cabinets’ outdoor spots in stone in the outdoor kitchen or brick in the house used on your house.

Here are some hints for you in making an outdoor kitchen

Outdoor Kitchen Grill

  1. The construction of the kitchen to the outdoor kitchen and barbecue area. Invest a portion of the budget of tools in the kitchen or devices, such as a refrigerator or a sink are often used only during when you prepare your meal.
  2. Having a space of stable work surface, because the wind just poorly built outdoor kitchen.
  3. Building the kitchen of the house enough to allow fire protection. Install a fire extinguisher in the open air near the stove.
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