Portable Kitchen Island


Having a tiny kitchen does not mean that you have limitation in decorating it to be more adorable. Regarding to the kitchen island, the place where you prepare all things before cooking, you are still bring that in your small kitchen. Because of the importance of a kitchen island in your culinary space, people whose kitchen is small try to get an idea for it. Then, portable kitchen island is coming. It becomes a good way to overcome a problem between a limited kitchen area and the importance of a kitchen island.

Being considered as a good solution to bring the island in your tiny kitchen, a portable kitchen island starts to be expansively produced. In the market, portable islands are offered in various styles and models. Decorative accents are also attached there. Here are two examples of the island for your tiny kitchen that you can apply. You are able to choose one that you think it is the most suitable with the style of your culinary area.Portable Kitchen Island Design

Portable Kitchen Island by Dolly Madison

Dolly Madison is one of brands for furniture that is really popular for different design and style offered. Now, for the portable island, the brand just tries to state that white is always stunning. Portable Kitchen Island IdeasBlack is chosen as a color for its portable kitchen island. There are four wheels and two drawers. For the storage doors, there are two available there. The performance looks fancy and classy. By looking at once, you will fall in love with it easily.

The dimension of this portable kitchen island is smaller than other islands. So, you will be able to save some areas in your tiny kitchen. Choosing it will give you some good points. You are able to move it in each spot of your kitchen that you want. Because it is small, it will not be too destructed the area around the island. Dolly Madison is available for $196.74. You can find it in some online shops by the way.

Portable Kitchen Island by Vinton

The other option presented in this discussion is a portable kitchen island by Vinton. At this time, Vinton offers the island with natural look performance. The size is not too big so that you are able to set it in any corner of the kitchen. Portable Kitchen Island with StoolsThis kitchen island consists of four storage doors and also two drawers. Those are set proportionally. You are able to use the storage to store some kitchenette stuff. Then, the drawers are useful for the storing forks, knives, spoons or clothes.

You will be able to bring warmth in your kitchen by installing this kitchen island by Vinton. Natural look is really great in doing that part. However, if your kitchen adopts contemporary style with white cabinets and wall paint, you should forget an idea to implement it. This island is great for rustic kitchen. As well, it is able to be applied in a modern kitchen. However the kitchen should be complimented with natural wood in some elements. You can set this portable kitchen island there then.

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