Portable Tower Kitchen by Philippe Starck for Warendorf


While space constraints preclude your desire to get the ideal kitchen, portable kitchen style is the perfect solution to make it happen. One of them is portable tower kitchen by Philippe Starck for Warendorf. Some times ago we added interesting simple kitchen for small space but built-in modern concepts. In a similar topics: kitchen design for small space, portable kitchen by German manufacturer Warendorf has designed to reduce unusable part thus saving more areas in the kitchen. Designed by popular French architect Philippe Starck, the Tower Kitchen equipped two “single component” and each component only need about one square to be placed. Effective for very small space.

A cabinet or portable kitchen?

Portable Tower Kitchen by Philippe Starck-109 At first glance, this looks like a kitchen cupboard with lots of partitions. But the difference between the cabinets and portable kitchen will be obvious when the door is opened. A variety of kitchen equipment range from “fire” elements: oven, stove, toaster and “cold” elements: a dishwasher, sink, refrigerator all comes together in a practical kitchen packet. Don’t forget about “neutral” elements : plates, spoons, glasses and other light kitchen appliances can also be placed there.

More features to save space

Portable Tower Kitchen by Philippe Starck-108The kitchen are built-in four sections with three closed doors hiding the equipments inside. The fourth section is opened and can be optimized to placing the decorations. There’s a blank space in rear side.  Philippe Starck as the designer modify it’s into single blackboard where user can write notes about shopping list, favorite menus, special recipe or showing photos of unforgettable cooking moments. With a little power the portable kitchen can be rotated 360 degrees to show each sides.

Portable Tower Kitchen by Philippe Starck-110This Portable Tower Kitchen also comes with a useful island hiding in the left side of the first door. You can make this as a place to prepare food or small dining table. The “Trumpet Table” is a name given the designer for this working equipment that gives preparation space, sink, grill and dining area all are in one rectangular board. Mini-sized storage box is installed under the board.

This kitchen looks perfect for cooking or decorating. Easily mix the modules around to show their best parts to everyone who visit the house. Make breakfast on the kitchen island before changing it into a dining table. Very useful portable kitchen design because it’s not only saving space, more unique features will help you so much.

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