Reclaimed Wood Kitchen Table


If you have more space in the kitchen for connected dining room, it is essential to complete it with a set of dining room rather than let the space free. It is such creative and effective way to ensure your kitchen works well as well as its main function. And for rustic kitchen interior decor ideas, reclaimed wood kitchen table will be the best choice to suit the theme. Well, table is kind of main furniture in the kitchen with dining area. Table is also important in the kitchen for preparation area since you don’t have any island and countertop to replace it.

Reclaimed wood kitchen table is different from common dining or kitchen table. IT is because this kind of table specifically designed with antique, rustic, and old accent on the entire table surface. This kind of table applies fresh hardwood complete with natural wood rough detail to make it stylish and more elegant than common table in the kitchen. Since it is made of original wood with high quality wood type and manufacturing, no wonder that reclaimed wood table is more expensive than standard table for kitchen and dining room.Reclaimed Wood Kitchen Table

Reclaimed Wood Kitchen Table Design Concept

We have discussed generally the reclaimed wood kitchen table in the previous paragraph in this article. We should know that this kind of antique wooden table is designed specifically and specially for country, antique, and rustic home interior decor. Well, all modern home design with elegant and luxurious scheme should place this reclaimed table among the other home furniture to add more and more special atmosphere in the house. The concept of reclaimed wood table design is quite different from common contemporary table design.

Reclaimed Wood Kitchen Table IdeasIf generally standard table is designed in rectangular, square, and round shape with smooth surface on the entire table, reclaimed wood is the contrast object of this standard table. Well, you will find that most reclaimed wood kitchen table designs are unusual. Even you may think that the design of this kitchen table is really ugly or even worse. But don’t get the wrong impression with the previous statement. It is because this unusual design of the reclaimed table precisely makes it more expensive, special, and luxurious than the other table in your house.

Reclaimed Wood Kitchen Table Design Inspiration

Basically, reclaimed wood kitchen table is kind of old table which is reused and furnished well to give it newer look. Following the latest home furniture design trend, reclaimed wood table is made freshly from the finest hardwood as main material. The design of this reclaimed wood table may be different from one to another depends on your desire and kitchen room space condition. It may be in rectangular, round, triangle, or even complicated with tree stalk look on the legs.

Reclaimed Wood Kitchen Table DesignsGenerally, the reclaimed wood table for kitchen and dining room are always featured with natural tree surface and detail applied on the other table component. But there are also some tables which designed simple as like current table design. There will be old scratches detail applied on the entire reclaimed wood kitchen table surface to give antique and rustic scent.

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