Red Retro Kitchen Design Ideas


Retro kitchen design which uses red color becomes the basic color also most popular for this kitchen category. The retro design usually will give the kitchen the old or past accent. But in the red retro design below will show the incredible red retro designs which are never been imagined by common people.

Small red retro kitchen

Unique red retro kitchen design with round shapeThe first unique red retro kitchen design uses a dining table formed as like a bar with four red circle seats around in the outer side of the cabinet. This dining table formed like an archer’s bow with stainless steel covered on the top. The side color of this archer’s bow dining table is glossy red. This unique dining table is actually a compact kitchen contains of stove with smoke funnel above it, faucet, preparation table, and cabinet on it. The other compact kitchen is set with white color in the corner of the room behind the dining table. This white compact kitchen contains of microwave, oven, and several cabinets with door on it. Two sides of walls are red, while the others are in white color with elegant red circle clock on it. One of the white wall is given cracked effect on it which make this kitchen looks chic.

Minimalist red retro kitchen

Minimalist and simple red retro kitchen designThe second red retro kitchen design is looked simple but modern with only an appliance which is covered by glossy red color. The walls in the kitchen are dominated with white color. In a side of wall, black is used to create modern effect with additional white empty shelves are installed on it. Large windows are placed on this black wall which allows green trees scenery can be seen clearly and make the kitchen has good air circulation. Under the windows, long slim cabinet in white color in the front side and black on the top of it can be used to store dining tools. In the right side of the windows the glossy furniture with oven and microwave in it stands alone. In the middle of the room there is a long cabinet with stove and its funnel, faucet, and two table manner set on it. Two glossy red seats which can be turned are added to create luxurious accent in the kitchen.

Modern red retro kitchen

Modern red retro kitchen ideas with bar stoolsThe third red retro kitchen design is looked like outer space plane. With complicated shape of the kitchen, it creates modern and futuristic nuance on it. This triangle kitchen is dominated in white color and stainless steel material. In the corner of the kitchen, the high red cabinet touches the ceiling with glossy red color covered on. Next to the red cabinet, two doors silver refrigerator is placed. It is like the first kitchen design, this kitchen also mix the stove and faucet together with the dining table. This dining table covered by pure white color on the top and glossy red on the outer side of table. Three black seats placed around this table.

Red retro kitchen with island

Red retro kitchen design with glossy IslandThe last red retro kitchen design becomes the largest kitchen. The furniture and appliances placement is the same as the second kitchen design. But there is no window which is set on the wall. This kitchen only contains of two lines cabinet. The first cabinet in glossy red color is opposite the wall, and another cabinet is placed in the middle as preparation table, stove, and faucet place. In the middle cabinet, three high glass seats are arranged to face the stove.

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