Refinish Kitchen Cabinets


After several years of natural wood kitchen cabinets start to show its age, picking up dirt on the color to wear around the handles. Refinish kitchen cabinets It is a big job, but there is a big payoff. Outdated, unattractive cabinets can give your entire kitchen a drab, unappealing look. Fortunately, you can improve their appearance and the entire room’s with just a little paint.


Prepare the cabinet

  • Label each box door and the location in the cabinet box with tape and the letters or numbers attached, to avoid problems with the installation of the doors. Do the same for all fronts. If you are reusing dependent labeling of all, including even their positions on the doors.
  • Remove the door from the hinges of the boxes. Then you do the doors of the workplace, and then remove all the door hinges. Remove or pull the lever on each door.
  • Empty the drawer and take them out, all handles or pulls. Place each tray on a work surface and locate the screws in the drawer on the front panel and remove the screws on the first line to offer, and move the boxes.
  • Remove the pins and shelves in the closets.

Remove the old surface

  • Buy finish remover / stripper, which is compatible with the original surface of the cabinets. Also consider your comfort with toxic chemicals when selecting a remover. If you have questions about your old finish and stripper best for the job, have a cabinet door or drawer front of a paint store a good place for advice.
  • Prepare for a wide work area with plastic sheeting, tape and wrapping paper or newspaper for the dirty work to strip the finish ready. Clean cabinet doors and drawer fronts, and then use the spacer on each piece of container according to directions.
  • Let the remover working for the recommended time, then begin removing the old surface and retired stripper with various tools on all surfaces, edges and contours of the wood. This may involve leveling, nylon wool, brushes, and nylon. A contour scraper, putty knife or another, (sold in sets with a variety of heads scraper) is useful to separate the small details and profiles. For residual surface, repeat the separation process, as needed.
  • All surfaces stripped in order to manufacturer’s instructions. Sand the surface wood, as is required for consistent smoothness and color, starting with the average fine sandpaper and work up to and including 220-grit to the desired surface.


Start with a coat of primer/sealer. If you’re painting the cabinets a color other than white, ask the paint store to tint the primer to match your top coat.


Paint and let dry Paint one side of the doors and the edges. Paint while the other side dries, repeat

Drill and replace

Drill pilot holes before screwing the drawer pulls into place from the inside.

Reattach cabinet doors

Position the door on the cabinet so that it will open in the right direction. Reattach

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