Repainting Kitchen Cabinets


If your kitchen cabinet is starting to look faded, worn or outdated, it might be time for a change. New cabinets can be expensive. A cheap alternative is repainting kitchen cabinets paint in a fresh color. If you take the time to properly prepare the surface of the painting, the end result a beautiful new looks for your kitchen.

  1. Please fill in all the cabinet doors off their hinges. If paint the hinges are fixed to the timber provided for the entire image cabinet hinge, too. You must also remove all the levers and other devices on the doors. Turn to tighten the hinges and handles in a safe place until you are ready again. To save time, you could keep the hinges screw around and simply save a page covered with masking tape before painting around them.
  2. Bring your wardrobe doors to a job where you have access to electricity for the sander. Use a protective mask for treating eye protection during use of the mill, and, first used in the flat surfaces of the box. Some electric sander models have been developed to operate in tight spaces and for sanding detailed as possible. But for small projects that are much better with your work in the media sponge into individual areas. Arena cabinets with medium pressure. You do not have all the original paint off, but you have to sand the bare wood, where you can. The dye remaining in the timber and springs can be easy with a new layer of paint.Repainting Kitchen Cabinets Ideas
  3. Use the brush to remove the sanding residue so that everyone can do what you discover bald with a short coat of white primer to air. Primer / sealer are the best, and all the knots in the wood should be covered with it, even if they show through the existing color. Use your 2-inch brush and a bucket of primer paint your little one, and start with the inner disk moves outward toward the edge of the casing. First on the inside and the outside of each cabinet. Most of the primer / sealant dried in one hour. Prime is back and wait an hour, and met with all the doors and paint the other side.

Repainting Kitchen Cabinets WhiteTake your room finishing brush and a bucket, and the whole surface of the cabinet door, the color of the plumage on the fly. Acrylic latex paint is better. Re-start inside and work your way towards the outer edge. Try not to leave brush marks, but the subtle dry evenly if you do not seem to go out with light strokes like feathers. After both sides are covered with a layer, looking at all cabinets to ensure that another layer is not needed. If they do, then go back through the steps above, but with a fine sandpaper sponge and give only the first layer is a very quick sand and low pressure and dust before the next layer.

Repainting Kitchen Cabinets BlackSearch hardware and close the handles and hinges. Confirm the back door and see if you might need to tweak places before having to paint the mountains.

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