Replacement Kitchen Cabinet Doors


Replacement kitchen cabinet doors can range from a high bill, but you can opt for the expense of small replacement door that the entire atmosphere to transform your kitchen store. Instead of having a professional construction and installation of new cabinets and drawers, just replace the kitchen cabinet doors and drawers available. The kitchen will be on a new looking and no one will achieve the same cabinets.

Replace the door

  1. Locate the hinges of the doors of the cabinets. Depending on the type, or hidden in the casing and out of sight, and to be visible on the outside. European-style hinges are on the closet doors must be removed and a little easier.
  2. Tighten all the housing in place. Usually there are two hinge screws. Leave the screws holding the hinge to the same box in one place for quick installation of your new wardrobe. To use a different hinges for new cabinet, remove the hinges on the doors.
  3. Replacement Kitchen Cabinet Doors

  4. New doors and cabinet hinges if necessary, and mark the holes in the doors and the cabinet, drill holes if new versions of the hinges. Ensure a good fit. You can open the doors, without sticking. Ask a friend to help cabinet doors, while a good fit.
  5. Drill holes in your brand and add new hinges, if desired. The holes in the cabinet, if not bored. Place the hinge in the holes and insert screws. Make sure the screws are well and closet doors open and close without the rest of the Cabinet.
  6. Fill a visible screw holes are threaded with no padding. Abrasives and then paint over them in order to adjust the existing color of the box or on the wall. Instead, use a wood screw to work with wood surfaces.

Replace the drawer

  1. Remove the existing drawer and choose their new drawers. Measures to ensure that empty space, the fit of your current stress on the left. Back to the trays (the numbers on both sides that make it possible to make the tray and pulling out), and whether new tray slides on a line with existing tracks even in the case of the anterior compartment. If not, remove debris in the closet for repositioning.
  2. Replacement Kitchen Cabinet Doors 1

  3. Measure the height of the bottom of the drawers in your new kitchen drawers. Measuring the height in the space above the tray and the mark. Position the rails with screws along this line and testing of the tray. To slide the number of films on the sides of the cover on the slopes and sliding. If the tray is too low or too high, remove the tray and position of the tracks.

This part is just the front tray instead of the entire platform. The method is simple and inexpensive. Take your kitchen drawers and check the screws holding the front of his place. Remove the screws and pull the front of the tray. Insert the new drawer front and put the screws or drilling new holes and screw the front panel in place. Place the tray in the cabinet and the replacement kitchen cabinet doors finished.

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