Scandinavian Kitchen Design, Style and Ideas


Scandinavian kitchen design is identical with white color and black accents. This color make the kitchen has natural light. Some of this kitchen design use wooden cabinet, stainless steel cabinet, or the combination of them in a kitchen. Those cabinets have the same function in creating classic and elegant accent in Scandinavian kitchen.

Scandinavian kitchen : with island

Beautiful Scandinavian kitchen design ideasThe first Scandinavian style kitchen use muted yellow as a color combination for its walls. The muted yellow color is applied on all walls in this kitchen, although it is just a quarter parts on the walls. And the other space on the wall is painted in white color. One of the kitchen walls has ceramic tiles on it. In the corner of the kitchen, high black shelves cabinet is set to store the dining tools and some ingredients. Three main kitchen cabinets are made by wood; they are painted in white color with natural wood color on its surface. Faucet cabinet and preparation tables are placed in front of the windows. Tools hanger is installed above the preparation table. The last cabinet with stove and its smoke absorbing is placed next to the black cabinet. Three stools are put in front of preparation table.

Scandinavian kitchen : white and black color

White and black Scandinavian kitchen layout for modern houseThe second Scandinavian kitchen layout with black board wall. This simple kitchen has a small space which is dominated in white paint color. The only black color in this kitchen is the kitchen door with circle window on it and the black board wall in a side of walls. Next to the door, three separated shelves are installed to store unique plates, glass, and other dining tools. Stainless steel kitchen cabinets are placed in front of those shelves. The stove cabinet is located between the windows. In front of the black board wall, some of photo frames in various colors decorate this kitchen. Black clock with white border hangs above the door.

Classic Scandinavian kitchen

Classic Scandinavian kitchen design by Matt HuraThe next is classic Scandinavian kitchen decor with white brick tiles on a half of the walls. There are four windows in this kitchen, and kitchen cabinets are placed in L letter. A big wooden glass cabinet is installed on higher part next to window. Wood floor in this kitchen make it warm and classic. In the middle of the room, a long short bookshelf is put to store the cooking books. A pot of green plant decorates each of the windows.

Scandinavian kitchen : made simple and elegant

Modern Scandinavian kitchen design using wooden cabinetsThe fourth Scandinavian kitchen ideas looks simplest and modern than the others. With a small space in the kitchen, it looks tidy and clean with white paint cover the walls. High wooden cabinet set in the corner contains of stainless steel faucet and fruit blender on it. Other kitchen cabinet is located next to the wooden cabinet. This long white cabinet is installed on the wall suited to the kitchen space. White wood floor looks clear and increase the lighting in the kitchen.

Scandinavian kitchen : clean and minimalist

Minimalist Scandinavian kitchen design Steve JacksonThe last Scandinavian kitchen design is another side of the fourth kitchen design. In the point of the kitchen, a windows with couple door set with transparent curtain. White circle dining table with candle holder on it creates classic effect in this modern kitchen. Black chic clock with white border looks contrast to the walls, it hangs next to the window. Some pots of green plant add the fresh color in the kitchen. Black hanging lamp hangs above dining table.

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