Shaker Style Kitchen


The Shaker style kitchen is designed for simple functionality and space to be clean and spacious known. This approach down-to-ground for decoration can lead to a sense of meaning and peace to any modern kitchen.

Shaker wood kitchens highlight elegant, beautiful. The wood in a kitchen mixer plays an important role in organizing the Shaker style. You can take life Shaker style in your kitchen, without rebuilding the entire kitchen, unless you want. Implement some improvements to existing elements in your kitchen works well when decorated the shaker style kitchen.

Shaker Style Kitchen PhotosShaker kitchen design comes from a social and religious movement that began in the American colonies in the 1770s. Shakers lived in simple communities, efficient and self-sustaining, and the houses they built were followed the same principles of simplicity and functionality. A focus on quality, cleanliness and order remains for the Shaker kitchen design today.

Layout of the cabinets

Shaker kitchen cabinets work well when placed in a layout, that transport is provided by the kitchen, and it is compatible with an efficient work triangle, are based on the National Kitchen and Bath Association and the border as a straight line from the sink to the stove. The stove is defined in the refrigerator and the back of the refrigerator in the sink. Cabinets should make optimum use of wall space, and a central island has the capacity and financial support from the work triangle significantly increase the efficiency of a Shaker kitchen.


Shaker Style Kitchen CabinetsCleaning and function are important in the Shaker kitchen design. Shaker style warnings disorder, so that a Shaker kitchen has a large closet space and tidy with a place for everything. Explore the possibility of the features built-in wardrobe, and racks of the plate, spice drawers, drawer knife, pull boxes, or tilting, sliding shelves for small devices and Lazy Susan for pots and pans in the kitchen making functional, organized and ordered. Ultra-high wall, ceiling to expand use in the kitchen all the available vertical space allows the dirt on the kitchen counter and behind closed doors.


Shaker-style places great emphasis on quality craftsmanship. Solid, well made cabinets with dovetail joinery in the inner corners of the abrasion resistance maintaining a Shaker style kitchen look and behave like new in the coming years. Shakers built their own cabinets and furniture from the colonial era, now the northeastern United States, such as cherry and maple are common materials for kitchen cabinets shaker, while the woods like mahogany and walnut forests are not a traditional Shaker. The cabinet doors in Shaker style, with recessed panels, a flat piece of wood with a simple frame provided on the edges. This recessed panel doors and drawer fronts create sleek, straight through the full range of cabinet faces.


Although Shaker-style cabinets with no balls, shapes or other embellishments are made, climbers often used for cabinets in cream and even colors of dark red or dark blue. Hardware for kitchen cabinets shaker should be functional, not flashy. Simple knobs and handles of wood or brushed metal turned, as supported by brushed nickel Shaker style, offering a clean and simple look that never goes out of fashion to create in the kitchen. That’s some tips to create your own shaker style kitchen.

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