Stove Backsplash Ideas


When it comes to cooking, add the stove sprinkle a custom look. There are many materials that can be used to get the best kitchen backsplash ideas. The only real limits are how the material is made for cleaning and when the heat generated by the heater safely withstand.

Ceramic tiles

Ceramic is a popular choice for kitchen backsplash ideas because it is easy to clean and impervious to water. Tiles are available in hundreds of colors and designs. You can choose tiles, unglazed tiles as stain and grease trap. Small tiles, mosaics selected a decorative pattern or image. You can choose from some large tiles, decorative and surrounded it with lighter, less expensive tiles.


Kitchen Stove Backsplash IdeasGlass tile is colorful and translucent, with smooth or irregular. Glass tile is often made from recycled materials, making it an attractive option for greenhouses. As ceramic tiles, glass is easy to clean and good resistance to water and heat, but unlike the ceramic, it is not available in a wide range of colors. Choose glass tiles for a backsplash that echo the colors in other areas of your kitchen, such as the floor or countertop use. These tiles are suitable for a modern kitchen very well. They are often mesh sheet, and mounted at the correct distance between the tiles. The plates can be used over each other or overlap, making installation easier.


Metal dashboards are one of the least expensive options and sustainable. Galvanized makes a country kitchen backsplash clean and fit to the copper plates can be used for a dashboard in a modern loft. The copper may become discolored by the use of propane, which are used for interesting patterns in the metal can. Recycled aluminum tiles offer a sleek, high-technology. Stainless steel plates are designed to dashboards in a variety of designs and textures, including fabric, padded, embossed leather look or style.


Classic Stone Stove Backsplash IdeasThe same kitchen with marble or granite beautiful shapes on the wall to create a sustainable backsplash can be placed. The boards are also an attractive dashboard. In use of the stone, the sealing surface against the penetration of kitchen grease.

Tin Backsplash

A look splash protects wall behind the stove and improve the appearance of the kitchen. Metal tiles come in many sizes, shapes and patterns. It should be taken with the quality and thickness of the can, since heat can cause distortion and start-up protection. The appearance can be cleaned with a damp cloth, but do not rub with all kinds of abrasives that can damage the can. Tin is soft, should be considered when handling to prevent sagging of the tiles.

Stainless steel panels

Metal Stove Backsplash DesignsA stainless steel kitchen backsplash ideas or a fixed base is used plate to protect the wall behind the stove and create decorative elements. The heat has no influence on the stainless steel. Metal tiles come in many sizes, shapes and patterns. A decorative board can be maintained for kitchen items will be added. Stainless steel can be cleaned with a stainless steel and will not be damaged during cleaning.

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