Subway Tile Kitchen Backsplash


Conventional rectangular subway tiles kitchen backsplash are tiles that are twice as high. Partly as a 3 x 6 inch subway tile tiles began in other sizes and configurations, more elongated, which are made to imitate the original 2 x 6 inch subway tiles. Along with these new designs is the ability to use the tile backsplash subway in new and innovative ways. Although you can always put the chips in a staggered pattern, you can specify a different style that works best in your kitchen design.


Rectangular tile can be placed underground to a herringbone pattern. This pattern can be used, directly behind the stove, or anywhere along the backsplash. The pattern is applying a tile at an angle of 45 degrees to the switch. A second plate of its short side against the underside of said long side of the first element. The tiles are released from these two in a pattern of light to compensate for the V-shapes that move on the back wall, adding details, the subtle design.Subway Tile Kitchen Backsplash Design Ideas

Parquet pattern

Parquet patterns are perfect in the kitchen backsplash tiles made in meters that are 3 by 6 inches wide. This is because most dashboards of 18 cm in height. Plant pattern is repeated three times against the box. Besides these, there are two tiles meters long, one above the other. Rotate the model and build on, to cover the area. This pattern can be used to expand the entire dashboard and works well as a mixture of shiny and matte tiles add depth.

Contemporary Design

Be used for subway tiles kitchen backsplash in a modern kitchen or contemporary, you should use the elongated tiles, as the plates of 4 by 12 inches instead of the traditional tube size. Installation of the plates, either in a random pattern, so that the mortar joint misaligned or perfectly square plates stacked on top of each other. In any case, a modern look in the kitchen, metro traditional design is updated.White Subway Tile Kitchen Backsplash

Go Retro

Make a retro look by pairing bright subway tiles kitchen backsplash in shades of pink and blue. The pair of bright colors with white furniture, chrome and stainless steel hardware can make plenty of lighting in the 50’s style. Create a mosaic pattern with repetition or make a back wall “Pop” by the abstract forms with subway tiles. Make sure your main color is green and pink and white and more. A strong rule of thumb is that 80 percent and 20 percent of the primary colors complementary colors.

Gold Trim

In a very formal and traditional cuisine, add a border of gold and blue-green mosaic tiles metro green. This style works well in a kitchen in a historic house, or even a formal space, Asian inspired design. In combination with numerous side valleys tapestries, furniture and stainless steel curtains rich tapestry, this space will appear right hotel.Glass Subway Tile Kitchen Backsplash

Create a subway tiles kitchen backsplash with a striking design. There are many shades of subway tiles kitchen backsplash, subway from light green to blue-green. The selection of best color is a good thing to make a subway tiles kitchen backsplash.

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