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One of the easiest and cheapest ways to renovate your kitchen is simply replacing your cabinet doors with green doors, popular is Swedish kitchen design. There are a number of manufacturers of kitchen cabinet doors, green or sustainable, Swedish style kitchen cabinet with hidden hinges to provide produce. Once you know the size and number of doors you need then new doors for Swedish style of your choice and install it yourself. Generally, it is as simple as unscrewing the old doors and hinges and bolts of the new headquarters. When finished, you have new cabinets for a fraction of the cost of the gaze.Swedish Style Kitchen Decor

    • Take accurate measurements of the width and height of each cabinet door and every drawer you want to replace – the emphasis in each. Especially in older homes may look cabinet doors cannot be the same size, though. If your measurements, to write on paper.

Swedish Kitchen White

  • Find the new Swedish green doors you want inspiration. Search online or go to the hardware or kitchen stores to the new doors you are looking for. Many companies and manufacturers now offer sustainably produced cabinet doors so that waste and chemicals are manufactured to a minimum. Once you know what you want, use the measurements of the existing doors of the new doors to order. Make the necessary hardware to order new doors, such as handles or door knobs and hinges, concealed hinges, especially if you want to match. Purchase the doors of the hinges drilled his life much easier.
  • If new, Swedish-style green doors (unless they are standard sizes, you may have to wait until they are made) to receive, unpack to make sure you have everything you need, including all door hardware. If all is lost, what you ordered, contact a company and make sure you submit the appropriate materials, if you cannot wait to get the materials you need to know your local hardware store.
  • Using a screwdriver, remove or drill, carefully remove the old screws and remove all the old doors. It’s a good idea (though not necessarily) at this point to a fragile cabinets, in case you slide while one of the installation. It may be necessary to keep the screws as you have at least some of them again for the new Swedish cabinet doors green.
  • Prepare the new door for installation. Find out where the doors overlap the cabinet box and highlight both the top and bottom line with a pencil or pen. Attach the hinges to the right places. Cabinet door and to ensure that the lines of the upper and lower cabinet.

Swedish Kitchen CabinetsMark where the screws will depend upon the stain on the container, insert the door. To drill. Place the door and screw. Repeat until all the new doors. Remove the pencil lines or chalk and all buttons. Your new Swedish kitchen design are completed, the cost of buying new cabinets and doors. And just by replacing the doors, which have minimized waste and made the process greener.

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