Tips in Designing Feng Shui Kitchen


Feng shui kitchen design can be better choice to create a balance element felt in the house. By applying this kitchen design in the house, it will make you and families always feel happy, joy, harmony, positive, and health nuance.

Behind the feng shui kitchen

The kitchen is the main source of life, because in the feng shui kitchen, sources of energy are created, for example food for the energy of body. Besides it creates positive things, it can also cause negative things or dangerous for the house, for example fire which can burn anything in the house.

Appropriate location of feng shui kitchen

The location of kitchen can reflect the house owners’ characteristic. For example: if the kitchen is located in front of the house, it reflects that the owners like eating. It is because when he/she entering the house, he/she will think about the foods that make them feel starving. Another reason for bad feng shui kitchen in front of the house is because the dirty dishes or untidy nuance will be seen by the guests when entering the house. So make it sure that the kitchen location is in other location except in front of the house.

Green and brown feng shui kitchen design ideas

Good direction for feng shui kitchen

Besides considering the location of the kitchen, you should consider good direction to make good elements in the feng shui kitchen. North as kitchen direction is good because it contains water element, water and fire element from the stove in the kitchen will give you balance element. The east and the west direction are also good direction to kitchen. They contain of wind and light element, so it will perfect if you install the kitchen windows in these directions. These directions also contain wood element which is good to create fire in the kitchen.

Find the color for good feng shui kitchen

The good colors which can be used for feng shui kitchen are the color that can be mixed harmony on the wall. These colors might be bright and soft color such as light brown, pale yellow, peach, or white. Yellow color can be the best choice for feng shui kitchen. It is because this color is healthy color for your digestion. Choose bright yellow color to apply in the kitchen.

Oven as the god of feng shui kitchen to avoid the bad luck

Oven, stove, and microwave are the main appliances in the kitchen which can cause fire. In feng shui kitchen, those appliances are expected to be kitchen god who can cause some unwanted incidents. So Chinese always respect them by do not dry the clothes in front of it, it will humiliate the kitchen god so that it will burn the house. Do not place the kitchen under house ladder; it will cause the bad incident like stomachache because when you down the ladder, the dust will fall on the cooking. The last, keep the kitchen floor clean of things which make someone stubbed.

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