U-Shaped Kitchen Designs


U-shaped kitchen design – Kitchen designs is never ends, although needs people with high ideas in her brain and knowledge of any design topics. The first step when you wanna to make great designing is finding some idea of what you need, then draw a simple sketch in the paper then you discus it with your family. You can directly draw your imagine in the computer if you has good skills in drawing an object using software such as autocad or 3D Max. If you haven’t any ideas in your mine about U-shape kitchen design ideas, don’t worry we have high quality design selected from popular designer in the world.

The u-shaped kitchen become the most popular kitchen style in modern homes in western country and Europe, its simple a kitchens that built along three walls and usually have a round table complete with chairs in the middle which can be as a dining area. This kitchen design is good selections because give you multi-functional room in your small area. There is no minimum size for u-shaped kitchen design but usually the ideal size wide is five meters or more as well as over as this make you able to building bigger dining table or island between both outer walls.

U-shaped kitchen occupies three walls, thus giving more space to place a variety kitchen appliances. Cooking appliances such as stoves and frying pans placed near the kitchen sink in order to make you easier to clean after cooking. As for storage can be made on the other side and away from cooking appliances or a sink that is not exposed to water or splashed oil.

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