Unfinished Kitchen Cabinet Doors


You can save money while making your dream kitchen! Consider purchasing unfinished kitchen cabinets doors. Boxes unstained, unvarnished, and ready for sand is easy to find. With all the cheap options you have, you do not have to imagine, transform your kitchen. You can do it yourself!

Painting kitchen cabinets are relatively easy and can really give your entire kitchen a new look and improved. If you take your time, your kitchen cabinets appear to be brand new, no matter how old they really are. Termination of existing cabinets is an inexpensive way to refresh your kitchen.

Unfinished-Kitchen-Cabinet-Doors-1Kitchen remodeling can cost tens of thousands. If you paint yourself, installing unfinished kitchen cabinets is a bit bite of the final invoice, but not just start beating on paint. Follow correct procedures for work, the quality, it seems you hired a professional. Here are some tips that can you do to paint your unfinished kitchen cabinet doors and make it so nice.

    1. Remove the drawers and closet doors and all hardware included pulls, handles and hinges. With a screwdriver or a drill with a screwdriver bit. Keep doors and drawers for easy installation.
    2. Look at difficult times in your cabinets. Use a pair of cheap cotton garden gloves and run your hands on all unfinished wood surfaces. Gloves are to take or make the tough times. Mark the points with a pencil.
    3. Sand rough pencil marked with coarse sandpaper or medium term, depending on the amount of sand each location needs. Use coarse sandpaper rough places and the average grain, on the other. Sand along the wood grain, not against.
    4. Sand the entire surface of unfinished wood with fine sandpaper to a smooth surface in preparation for painting. Sand with the grain. Remove dust with a dry cloth, a sticky substance to be treated to remove dust sooner or later.
    5. Apply sealant on all unfinished wood surfaces with a brush. Choose a suitable sealant to the type of paint to use. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions regarding the number of layers and the drying time. After the sealant is dry, give the wood a light sanding with fine sandpaper. Make your wood waste ground with a feather duster.
    6. Prime bare wood with a primer for the type design of your chosen color – oil or water. Start with small rooms and cut and cut with a brush 2 to 3 inch blade. First larger areas with a paint roller and roller blinds 6 inches. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions for the number of primers and the drying time. Wash your brush blade.


  1. Paint your cabinets with the color of the top. Cut into small areas and finish first with the brush of the blade. Painting large surfaces with paint roller 6 inches and a new shade. Allow the paint to dry completely and repeat with a second layer. Let the second coat is dry.
  2. Confirm hardware and install the kitchen cabinet doors and drawers. Be sure it won’t damage the paint.
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