Vintage Kitchen Cabinets


Kitchen cabinets are subject to wear more than any other piece of furniture. It is not surprising that they are a little worn with time. If you kept them in good condition, consider it a new paint job. A vintage kitchen cabinets look is ideal for the selection of appropriate paint colors or subtly alter the final finish can be achieved. As with all projects, refinishing, the key to a professional appearance in careful planning and preparation.

The glossy surfaces of the cabinet, which captures light and reflects the light through the room, making the room appear brighter. Harvest Boxes show wear and tear, including scratches and stains opaque. Restore the Cabinet submitted the original look of stainless steel, so again and again.

  • Choose how you want to look your cabinets. A vintage kitchen cabinets can simply choose the right color paint can be achieved. Think of the colors used during the years 1950 and 1960: retro lime green, bright red strawberry and orange were the rage. Or maybe you want an antique look by distressing cabinets to reproduce. Crackle glaze gives an antique look, because once again, rub the top layer to reveal a different color underneath. Ask your local hardware store to buy and specialized finishes.
  • Empty and thoroughly clean the cabinets. All surfaces must be free of dirt and grease before painting. Protect your floors and covered with a slide. Use masking tape to protect the wall and tiles with cabinets.
  • Remove the cabinet doors and turn all handles and knobs. Maybe you want to reuse or replace another in a more on target.
  • Wear safety glasses and wear the mask. The sand on the surface of the box with fine sandpaper. Skip this step if the mill is a “key” that new paint job can offer is. Only the inner surface on the inside of the doors is colored so that there is no need sand boxes housing. About the surfaces of dust and wipe with a rag and turpentine.
  • Apply a base coat on all surfaces. Use a bench or table to paint the vintage kitchen cabinet doors and have a suitable place ready for the doors to dry.

Painting in the upper three thin applications. If you want to finish by rubbing again the need to reveal a second color underneath, there are four levels as follows: two layers of color and a final layer of the second color, then a layer of the final color. To dry between coats and sanding between applications. If you fight for a smooth surface, use a professional quality brush, or a good paper. Follow the manufacturer if you have chosen a specialist such as crackle glaze effect.

For through attrition over the top layer back to the color patches secondly, if you’ve chosen a distressed look. Simply rubs the areas where natural wear occurring, for example, around the handles of the doors and along the edges of doors and drawers. Wipe with a damp cloth with mineral spirits. Replace the handles and place the cabinet doors and your vintage kitchen cabinets are ready.

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