What Color Should I Paint my Kitchen?


What color should I paint my kitchen is usually become a confusing question to those people who are decorating their new kitchen. The varieties of themes and kitchen colors make the kitchen color decision is rather difficult than buying the furniture. Some kitchen designs try to help the kitchen owners to decide the kitchen style so that the color easier to be considered. For example: the rustic kitchen style will use white and brown as the dominant color, futuristic kitchen will allow you to choose grey and stainless steel material for your kitchen appliances and countertop set, and other kitchen design which can be found easily in magazines. The following colors are recommended to be applied as kitchen color.

Yellow for good digestion

Yellow and grey kitchen color ideas by Ala CucineAccording to Feng Shui kitchen design tips, kitchen is the main room in the house. In this room, you can get the power of your life by eating and lost your power when you eat too much which make you got a stomachache. Kitchen also can call a bad luck when its placement is not suitable to the Feng Shui rule. Yellow is the most recommended color paint for the kitchen, because it is reflect a good digestion. Try to choose bright color of yellow like yellow butter, yellow sun, pale yellow, and so on. For the furniture, choose the neutral color which will blend with yellow as the backdrop color.

White for good lighting

White French country kitchen with standing islandWhite is one of neutral color which can be mixed with any color. For color combination, white is also suitable color which commonly used in home decorating ideas. In a retro white kitchen, the entire of the kitchen are covered by this neutral color. Don’t worry that it will look sickness, it precisely make the kitchen cleaner and has a good lighting than other color. With an illumination on the point of the room, the white wall will reflect the lamp light to the entire of kitchen so it will look shiny. Wooden cabinets, countertop, and furniture will appropriate placed in this white kitchen.

Brown for warm accent

Modern brown kitchen colorWood is an earth element color which usually used to give warm accent in a room. Brown is a natural color which reflects wood and soil color. This color is commonly applied in classic, retro and rustic kitchen design. Light brown can be applied on the kitchen walls. By adding a motif wallpaper in darker color partly on the kitchen wall will create unique accent in the kitchen. Wooden dining table and kitchen furniture will complete this brown wooden kitchen design.

Luxurious in red kitchen

Red and brown modern kitchen by Ala CucineWho says that red is too brave to be applied as kitchen color? For those people who want their kitchen look modern and luxurious, this color is the winner. Glossy red in kitchen appliances such as the refrigerator, microwave, and oven will give luxurious nuance in the kitchen. Color combination should be added to avoid the bloody sickness for the eyes. Such neutral color like black, grey, and white can help to create this wonderful red kitchen. Paint the walls in neutral color, for example: light grey, then make some part of furniture painted in glossy red. Red wallpaper with white motif of flower might be suitable to be stuck partly on the kitchen wall.

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