White Glazed Kitchen Cabinets


If you are looking for a rustic cooking area, the white glazed kitchen cabinets can be the answer. Cast glass and involved applying color, and then wipe off immediately. The coating forms a transparent layer over the existing stain or paint. This results in an antique finish to add structure and character to the decor of your kitchen. Choose colors based on the look you want. How black are the cabinets a dark look, while adding a touch of shabby chic gray, so that your room a whole new look. It is easy to do-it-yourself Kitchen Makeover done in a weekend.

White Glazed Kitchen Cabinets PicturesTired kitchen cabinets makeover by adding color and glaze – a surface that is often used by professional painters spend thousands of dollars. Save money by doing the project itself. Storefronts have been reduced somewhat antique look with enamel in the grooves of the cabinet doors and shapes. The process can take several days to over a week to complete because of the layers of paint and the time involved in the project.White Glazed Kitchen Cabinets Designs

  • Get ready for painting the white glazed kitchen cabinets. Remove all hardware from doors and drawers beneath pulls, knobs and hinges. Keep all the hardware in a plastic container for storage. Clean the cabinets with a damp sponge and soapy water to remove grease, food stains and other contaminants.
  • Gripping the casing for sand that is added to the wood surface. Use sandpaper intermediate and rub the surface – if the cabinets are wood rub in the direction of the grain. Clean the surface of the wood dust and dirt by polishing with a dry tack cloth or damp can be eliminated.New White Glazed Kitchen Cabinets Ideas
  • Prepare to paint an area for the cabinet’s inches understand the project in less than a week. Working in a region with little or minimal movement. Place clean paper, wrap and tape on the floor and put all points on the body surface. Tape in all areas that should not be painted around the base units, including plants, the rear wall or wall surfaces. Rub the tape rubbing firmly with your finger or a plastic spatula.
  • Paint the cabinet’s room with two coats of satin latex paint. Use a mini-roller or brush to apply paint. Light coats are recommended even in thick coats of paint. Painting in the grain. Wait four to six hours between the layers.
  • Arena edges of the boxes and loaded as a primitive is desired, usually observed with glass kitchen furniture. Use fine sandpaper and rub the rough edges of the cabinets to reveal some underlying stains or paint. Wipe the sanded all surfaces with a damp cloth to remove dust.
  • Mix clear varnish dark umber color in a one-on-relationship. Mix and form a uniform color is the icing. Use a sponge to clean the enamel. Clean the enamel of the cabinets to wait until the glaze is still wet, no more than 3 minutes after application. Use a terry cloth towel or cloth and wipe in a vertical or horizontal. The remaining enamel is formed in the grooves of the surface of the housing. Allow polish to dry for 24 hours.
  • Glazed Kitchen CabinetsPlace all the hardware on your glazed kitchen cabinets. Replace the drawers and doors. Do not clean the closets of 30 days to paint and varnish to allow healing.
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