White Kitchen Island


White kitchen island is a good choice for modern culinary spot. Besides for expanding look, it will also give hygienist look around the kitchen. Besides the island, you are also able to apply white kitchen cabinet as well. For implementing modern kitchen style, mirrored materials are also necessary to install there. You can put stainless steel kitchen utensils such as refrigerator, dish washer machine, stove and so on to make the look more timeless and modern. The futuristic look will be resulted from those kitchen utensils as well. Kitchen island itself is functioned as a place where you prepare your food before being served in your dining table. However, it is also functional for having breakfast also. You are able to get your breakfast there. In addition, there are some drawers in the island. You can store the knives and other tools for breakfast there. For the top, granite is preferable. White Kitchen IslandEven though it is quite expensive, white kitchen island with granite and a top will improve the look of your kitchen. Here are some ideas that you can implement with the kitchen island.

White Kitchen Island: Shape Preferences

Rectangular with simple design for your white kitchen island is preferable as well. However, it represents that you will not dare in playing tones and shapes. So, you have to be creative to get a stunning effect in your kitchen. Asymmetrical design will be supported the challenge if you want. Nonetheless, do not choose the extreme one if you do not that brave in taking huge risks. Besides asymmetrical design, you are able to apply C letter shaped kitchen island will be so cool then. Usually, some manufactures complete that kitchen island with rack made of glass. That is truly functional for storing your cups and plates.

White Kitchen Island Design IdeasAnother idea for shape preferences of white kitchen island is Galley kitchen island. The shape of the island is like G. That choice is sophisticated and representative for modern characters. However, the point that you have to take into here is paying attention to the room. Galley kitchen island is consuming area around. So, is your kitchen is not that big, you had better choose other options.

White Kitchen Island: Accessories to Complete

After defining the type of kitchen island that is in line with your preference, it is time to know about the accessories you apply with your white kitchen island. The island needs to be supported by some colors. if you just apply white color for your kitchen, it will be entirely boring. So, you can choose one or two vibrant colors for shade and highlight of the white color.

Antique White Kitchen IslandYou can apply plank wood for the flooring. Another idea is by setting some red stools. It is not always red. Magenta, purple, orange, or lime green is also great to choose. You can also apply a colorful kitchen painting on the kitchen wall. A big flower vase with colorful flowers is thoughtful to be put on the kitchen island. That will add some schemes for your white kitchen island.

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